We were fortunate enough to meet Benjamin Paldacci at the Woodstock Invitational last year in 2015, and this year Paul was able to take home an OM from Benjamin after the Santa Barbara show.

What a find! This OM is brand new, shining like a diamond at high noon, with a jaw-dropping set of Malaysian Blackwood back and sides and Carpathian Spruce top. From the smooth contour of the neck to the graceful swell of the lower bout, this guitar is a phenomenal example of lutherie at its finest. Of course, looks alone do not make a guitar; it's got to have a sound to match. Paldacci has more than met the challenge: the voice is somewhere between a choir and a church organ, with an immensely colorful and present tone.

When you put finger (or pick) to string, this Paldacci responds instantly with a full and articulate voice. The treble strings ring clearly and with energy, poised for play, but are well-balanced with the mids and the bass register, itself a fierce and energetic presence. Played in standard or DADGAD, this OM offers definition, depth, and breadth; in a word, angelic.

Dream Guitars - Asheville, NC, États-Unis.

This is an amazing guitar and is incredibly well-built and designed. I instantly fell in love with it. It gives back more than you give it, which is what I always look for in a good guitar. 

Al Petteway - Asheville, NC, États-Unis.

This was an amazing find at Santa Barbara. From the aesthetics to the voice, this Paldacci takes center stage. And it's set up well for both fingerstyle and flatpicks--a feat many builders attempt, and few achieve. I can't wait for the next one.

Paul Heumiller - Asheville, NC, États-Unis.

It has now been a few months since receiving your OM #7 from Paul and I am thankful of being able to purchase.  This is a very impressive guitar, both in design and sound. A couple of friends who perform have also played it and really like the string balance and tone. 

My wife comments how beautiful the sound is when I play. Amazing clear tone.

Brian H. - États-Unis, acheteur de la OM #7.

Hi Ben,

I just wanted to let you know that after spending the weekend with her, I can honestly say that ''I love her''.

She is incredible in her richness and responsiveness, but its the trebles thats really amazing... and the treble is my favorite on all of my guitars! And that's something! It sounds like a cello in a cathedral.


I definitely want to see how you will hone your craft in the coming years!

Tian L. - Chine, acheteur de la OM #8.

Hello Ben,

Right now, I just played it unplugged so, what I say about, is purely acoustical-style.


The sound is plenty, powerfull like a dread! It is like a Whirlpool (I don't know... it is positive, right?)

Things you could talk about:

- easy to play and lightweight
- powerfull for an OM size
- the Drop D sound: Awesome!
- the craftsmanship!

Thank you for this instrument!

Jean-François C. - France, acheteur de la OM #3.

Alors je suis positivement ravi de la guitare de Ben :

- sur le plan de l'ergonomie, avec un manche qui refuse de sortir de ma main;
- sur le plan de l’esthétique, les photos du post et celle de l'annonce sur le site en donne un bon aperçu;
- sur le plan du son, avec une profondeur de basses totalement bluffante sur un modèle de cette taille - ça gronde, ça vibre, c'est sauvage et très beau!

Bref le trio est pour moi complet - je trouve l'instrument formidable, même si j'ai toujours eu de mal à décrire et objectiver un son...

Pierre-Émile F. - Paris, France, acheteur de la OO #6.

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