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This price list takes effect on January 1st, 2024.

My order book is open again in 2024.

Do not hesitate to contact me, if you want to buy or build the instrument of your dreams.

You can see that since this year the prices are displayed in 2 different currencies. The first is in US dollars, and the second in CANADIAN dollars. The rate in Canadian dollars is the one that will prevail above all, and this in any situation. Whether the US dollar is weak, equal or strong will not change my final rate in any way.

The reason for this choice is to have a solid and immutable base making null and avoid the variation of the various market rates (which makes things extremely entangled). It also give you the possibility to be able to compare my price with other luthiers, who are using American dollars currency. In order to fix the US/Canadian parity, I am based on the exchange rate on this day of January 1, 2023
($1 USD = $1.355 CAD).

The base price for each model in the catalog is $9,000 USD or $12,200 CAD.

ALL bank and shipping charges, as well as the taxes of the country to which the instrument will be shipped, are the responsibility of the customer.


General options:


- Florentine cutaway: $600 USD / $800 CAD


Back & sides:

Each set is unique and the price varies according to market availability, and the CITES regulations in force according to the country of destination. Please contact me for pricing on a case-by-case basis.



- Sitka spruce: Included
- Englemann spruce: Included

- Western red cedar: Included

- Yellow cedar: Included

- Other: Inquire

"Custom" work:


- Rosette: Inquire

- Endgraft: Inquire

- Headstock inlay: Inquire




- Bolt on neck: Included
- Scarf Joint & two-pieces Heel: Included

- Honduran mahogany: Inquire

- African mahogany: Included
- Other: Inquire



- Polyurethane: Included

- French Polish: Inquire


Tuning machines:


- Gotoh 510: Included

- Other: Inquire



- Jescar Nickel Silver: Included

- EVO: Inquire



- Not included in the final price

I am an official K&K dealer, so this is what I install on my instruments.
If you want something else, you are free to ask!


- Savarez: Included




- Package A: Vintage - Cedar Creek - BASED PRICE INCLUDED
- Package B: Moderne - Hoffee Fiber-Glass - BASED PRICE INCLUDED
- Package C: Deluxe - Hoffee Carbon-Fiber - $1500 USD / $2050 CAD

Option: Hoffee Insulated cloth covers - $300 USD / $400 CAD

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