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Savarez strings

Each element of the sound-chain is primordial to me. I have always paid attention to build my instruments with the best materials I could find, from the choice of wood to my tuning machines.

From the day I started playing guitar until now, I have been trying to find the ultimate string-brand for my comfort & sound. Even if it is the last element of the chain, it is the first one that is under the fingers of the musician.

Savarez is a French-brand of strings, recognized for the quality of their product for classical guitar... but also for their skills to innovate. In recent years, they have developed a product for acoustic & electric guitars.


I was able to meet them at the Cremona Mondomusica show, in 2017. I installed their strings on the OO-12 I brought with me at the show, and I was impressed by this product. A few years later, we established a partnership in the form of an endorsement.

When you buy a guitar that comes from my workshop, you will be able to use their two sets of strings (Bronze & Phosphor Bronze). One will be installed on your instrument, the other one will be supplied in its case.

A big thanks to Savarez for their confidence & expertise, 100% French!

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