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Willing to talk about your dream guitar? Do you want to order an instrument from me? Here are all the informations you need. Feel free to contact me if you have any question, I am here for you!


Ordering a guitar requires 3 specific steps:

- 1st deposit of 35%: You are placed directly on the waiting list and from there on starts a process that will make you feel like early christmas all over again.

- Second deposit of 35% when your instrument is ready to go to the finish booth;


- Third deposit of 30%, when the guitar is ready to be sent to you.

All of those submissions are non-refundable.




Instruments I build have a lifetime warranty accorded to their ORIGINAL owner.


The warranty excludes any damages due to:

- extreme humidity (wet or dry) and temperature;

- alterations/modifications;

- accidents;

- improper handling;

- normal tear and wear;





Payment must be paid in full prior to the shipment. Shipping and handling fees are not included in the initial project quote.

Small OM #15 "La Libra", in her Case custom-fit Main Stage
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