Every element of the sound-chain is primordial to me. I've always taken good care of the way I build my guitars, from the wood selection, to the quality of my fretting. 

Since the day I have started to be a guitar player, I've tried to find the good string company because it is the last element of the chain, but the first one under the fingers of the musician. 

When I heard about SonoTone, I was pretty interested by the way they communicate about their product, and the goal they want to reach: Excellence.

That's why, when you buy a Benjamin Paldacci Guitars instrument, you will have the pleasure to play SonoTone Strings. I am deeply proud to be a part of their Team, as Custom Builder, next to my colleagues & Incredible musicians Like Jeff Beck or Joe Perry.

If it is good for them, it is perfect for me!

"Your Tone… authentic, comfortable, and expressive. Express what you hear and feel, express your tone with ease." - SonoTone

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SonoTone Premium String

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