Every element of the sound-chain is primordial to me. I've always taken good care of the way I build my guitars, from the wood selection, to the quality of my fretting. 

Since the day I have started to be a guitar player, I've tried to find the good string company because it is the last element of the chain, but the first one under the fingers of the musician. 

Savarez is a french brand, renowned for their classical sets of strings, but for their ability to innovate. Those last years, they developed a line of electric & acoustic product. 


I have met them at the Cremona 2017 show, and they gave a sample of their acoustic guitar set of strings to me. After a test on the OO-12 guitar I brought on the show, I knew that this product was pretty good. A few years after that, we had established a partnership together, and I became and endorsed-leader of their team. When you are buying one of my instruments, you'll be able to play their two sets of strings (Phosphor Bronze, and Bronze). One of them will be set on your guitar, the other one will be in your case.

Savarez, thank you so much for your confidence & expertise, "100% Françaises".

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