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Wood Chronicles & Builts - #1: Black Limba

I decided to write articles about wood-species that truly mean something to me. They represent something, historically speaking, for the musical instrument's history.

Today is "2021 Christmas", and I chosed to speak about an iconic wood only known by a small amount of people: Limba AKA Korina.

People who know me well, are awared that I am a big fan of old electric Fender & Gibson. Flying V and Explorer, are 2 guitars I always loved because of their design, weight, and unusual shape. When they built these guitars in 1958 & 1959, Gibson chosed to use a wood called "Korina" for these guitars.

1959 Flying V - Gibson TV: The Collection - Rick Nielsen

1958 Korina Explorer - Gibson TV: The Collection - Rick Nielsen

1959 Flying V - Gibson TV: The Collection - Rick Nielsen

This wood comes from Africa. It is incredibly light, stable, and it looks sooo good! When I started my life as luthier, I didn't know that some workshop & brands chose this wood to build acoustic instruments. So, 6 years ago, I decided to buy great sets of this material.

Black Limba #1

Black Limba #2, figured set

You need to know that there are two kinds of Limba: Black and white. Gibson used the white one and like ebony (jet black or marbled), quality is not involved because of the color. It is just a question of taste and there are great white Limba, like there is bad black Korina. In terms of weight, acoustic properties, or anything else... in my knowledge, the color have nothing to do with all those criterias.

White Limba

Now that my sets are perfectly dried, I can use them! I am currently built a black Limba Grand Auditorium for my beloved dealer Guitarsofa, at Hong-kong. The set I am using, is incredibly light, sounding, straight & quartersawn... definitely the great stuff (as you know, I take a lot of my time & energy, to select the best material I could find all around the world).

Nice grain on these sides!

... and the back, is very nic & Marbled!

If you want more informations about black limba, or a guitar from me built with this species, don't hesitate to contact me! All the best, and merry Christmas!

Benjamin Paldacci

Benjamin Paldacci Guitars

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