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The way I build, Benjamin Paldacci Guitar's instruments: #1 - Necks

From this day on, I will talk more about the way I am working, to create my instruments. Let's start about the neck.

I want to build lightweight instruments, and I think that the balance beetween the neck and the body is pretty darn important! So, I try to chose the most lightweight wood I could find. That's why mahogany, is one of my favorite. It generally comes from south america, but I tried African Hog and it is pretty amazing too. As long as it is very well dried & cut for stability, I am fine.

I am building with a scarf joint and separated heel-block, because I am not fond of the "one-piece neck's choice" (the amount of material I could pull off a billet, is maximal). I install a double-action trussrod from Mark Blanchard, plus 2 carbon-bars.


Scarf Joint

Carbon-bars & Trussrod-channel

Every builder have his own way to build, and this is my favorite! There are a lot of different technics in the lutherie-world, and this is just the one I chose. Benjamin Paldacci

Benjamin Paldacci Guitars

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