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In 2021, I decided to keep the same based-price than 2020. The COVID-19, was one of the various reason which led me to take this decision.

In 2022, I will do 2 things:

- Upgrade my based price & options (especially for the woods I am using);

- I will give up the USD currency, for the CAD. The main reason is that I have recently learned that I am legally obliged to sell my instrument in the local currency, Internationally or not (totally legit).

As the exchange rate is pretty rough, my price will look like to be extremely expensive... but it won't really change, in the end.

The 5 instruments that will go at Hong Kong next year, to my beloved dealers Guitarsofa Shop & HK Guitar Store 結他士多, will be sold at the 2022 price list.

Price-change will be effective next year, 1st january... it's still time for you, to secure your build-slot, for 2023 if you want to benefit of the 2021 rate. Benjamin Paldacci

Benjamin Paldacci Guitars

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