It’s been said that Philosophy is: «the capacity to marvel about everything that surrounds you.» As a craftsman, I try to inspire myself from each domain of craftsmanship there is out there, whether it be architecture, sculpture, or nature. As an artist, I find inspiration in people in whom I can related to. Therefore, other guitarmakers are obviously a big source of inspiration for me as well. They truly are artists, and they push me towards my better self on a daily basis.


Japan has been one of my most influencial country that reflects through my craft. Their culture is fascinating in terms of identity, diversity, philosophy and traditions. Most of the builders I admire come from this country. The influence they have on my work is pretty extensive, and I'm grateful about that.

My inlay-work is one key part of my identity as builder. It is always a true challenge to find a new theme for each instrument, and to respect what I call "The holy trinity": the rosette, the headstock, and the endgraft. I like to have an harmony of color, material and style for each of my guitar. I mainly use wood because it is organic and beautiful, but I remain an open-minded person therefore, I am always curious to discover new possibilities...

Building a guitar is just like being a masterchef: You need to use the best ingredients to create the best end result as possible. Skills, experience, vision and precision are all fundamentals in the making of a wonderful instrument.


I push myself to break the mold, expand my knowledge through an opened mindset and own my craft through the hundreds of different techniques implied in guitar making. It's with this mindset that I focus and set out to achieve my goals.

"I strive to build my instruments with the finest Tone, Ergonomics & Aesthetics"

I currently build four models: Auditorium, OO, Dreadnought, & Nylon, with a cutaway version for each model as well. All guitars are fully customizable through multiple wood essences, should you have specific needs or desires. My marquetry work produce one-of-a-kind guitars, and I am proud to supply it to my customers.

My objective is to build broad-sounding, responsive and lightweight guitars, which will in turn become the best "tool" for any musician who strives to shape his own sound.

It is with this newfound mentality that I take pride in saying that my instruments are a reflection of who I am, and I'm proud to show them to the world.

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