The finish probably is one of the most important step for an instrument.

It is a protection against the damage of the time and marks, and reveal the beauty of the wood. As I always say, you could build the best sounding guitar with the best material you could find...but if the finish is a mess, nobody will ever buy it.

Since 2016, January 1st, you now have the choice beetween 3 different finishes:



As a young builder, I don't have the possibility to shoot varnish at my shop, for super toxic finishes like Nitrocellulose and Polyurethane.


In the past, I decided to offer only french-polish for my instrument, but a couple of my customers asked me if they could have other options because of their habits, and the facts that they thought that FP is way too fragile.

So, I decided to find the best way to satisfy these customers... and I needed to find a professional finisher who could make the best finish as possible, in terms of thickness & fairness, here in Canada.


When I came at the Woodstock Invitational Luthier Showcase, 2015 edition, I saw a couple of guitars finished by a couple of builders, by a marvellous workshop:

Vancouver Guitar Finishing

The Nitro is an old school finish everyone knows about, and the UV cure poly is a great option to have your instrument as quick as it could be!

I am way impatient to show you the result of their work, and I am sure that you will fall in love for it, like me!



Ever since I have embarqued on this journey, I had the time to try a lot of different finishes; True Oil, Water Laquer and French Polish.


This old technique that is French polish has been used on instruments and furnitures for a long time, and it is still, to me, one of the best technique to apply if you care to have not only the best sound for your instrument, but also the best aesthetics. Unfortunately, this is very fragile.


The shiny "3D effect" you get from French polish off the wood is unbelievable. It also provides an easy-to-fix finish should any scratches or blemishes ever surface.


Though a hard and long required process, the French polish is one of the only varnish that will match the standards that I hold for my instruments... but as I said previously, it is more fragile than other finish. That's why I offer other great options.

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