As builder, I think it is very important to be well represented.


I really care about the partnership I chose, to be able to give to my customers the possibility to buy one of my instruments.


With my dealers, you are sure to be comfortable with the service they offer, and the assurance to have the best experience you could have when you buy a high-hand guitar.


I know Eddie's Guitars for years now, mainly for their exquisite-taste in terms of gear. I discovered their passion for acoustic guitars, thanks to Matthew Chulka.

A couple of months from now, I wanted to develop my presence in the United-States, and Eddie's is one of the most reputable & respected dealers, when it came to high-end gear. When I've asked to Matthew, if he was interested to represent my instruments & brand, with a business relationship, they responded positively. So, I built a beautiful Small OM, Constellation Series, because I wanted to offer a pretty special instrument from The Red House.

I could not be able to thank Matthew and the Eddie's crew enough for their confidence, and this beautiful business relationship we are currently building.


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Since I am a teenager, I am fascinated by Japan. Their culture, traditions, and a lot of other things which came from this beautiful country are a delight to me. For me, the Japanse market is one of the most interesting in terms of high-end Lutherie guitars. It is full of connoisseurs, and a lot of incredible and inspiring Japanese luthiers.

Miki Gakki at Osaka, is one of those shops, which is the closest from Ali Baba's cave. the most amazing builders are there. I met So Isobe and his crew at the Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase (WILS) in 2015. They are professional, kind and passionate about their work, and luthiers they are representing. We've met again a couple of times, and it is at the WILS 2018 that they expressed desire to work with me, and represent my brand in their shop, at Osaka.

It is a huge honor, and privilege, to send my instruments in a country, which means so much to me. Arrigato gozaimatsu, So-San.

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I met Paul Heumiller from Dream Guitars at the Woodstock Invitational Luthier Showcase, in 2015. He chosed me to be in their shop at the 2016 Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration (SBAIC), and took the OM model I built for the show.

It is an honor to be in such Worldclass-shop, and I am excited to see our business in the future.


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Miki Gakki