When I am building an instrument, I want to be able to see him again in decades in pristine condition. Its owner will travel during his life, and I want his instrument to be protected as best as it could be. He need to be able to fly or drive with it, 365 days a year. So, I need to offer to my customers the best options in terms of protection and options, appropriate to his budget.

I've always tried to reach perfection in my work, since the wood selection to my tools, or my craftsmanship. The case chosen by my customer, is a part of this philosophy.

So, when you are buying one of my instruments, you have the choice between 3 different packagings. Each of these, reflect my quest for perfection:

- Packaging A: Standard - Hiscox Pro II;
- Packaging B: Premium - Main Stage Cases;
- Packaging C: Deluxe - Main Stage Cases + Caseadillo Cover.


Those hardcases, built in the UK, are lightweight & robust. Their tough construction, is specially built to isolate the guitar from the outside (temperature & humidity). The Hiscox Pro II, is included in my based pricing, to assure you the best protection for your high-end instrument.

Here is a great summary, from Hiscox, about their cases: 


  1. Hiscox Cases are manufactured in the U.K. and carry a full three-year warranty.

  2. The products are always manufactured with the primary objective of instrument protection and on average carry a crush resistance rate greater than 500kg.

  3. The outer ABS shell material is not only chosen for its high impact resistance. But most of all for the ability to chemically bond to the inner moulding. This is during the manufacturing process and creates an extremely strong yet light weight COMPOSITE structure.

  4. The inner moulding of the cases is manufactured from a blend of polyurethane insulating foam which is UNIQUE to Hiscox Cases. It is a closed cell semi-rigid low weight design which gives the following protecting qualities.-

    • High level of shock protection

    • Excellent structural rigidity when bonded to the outer shell

    • A high level of thermal insulation protecting against rapid temperature changes. More information.

    • It is developed to bond directly to the fabric case lining during the manufacturing process, with no use of a secondary adhesive.

  5. Aluminium Valance: – Unique to Hiscox design. Although Hiscox cases are not guaranteed waterproof, the double “lip” lid to base mating feature helps to stop water ingress in rain/shower conditions. View our testimonials.

    75% of the aluminium rim is hidden from view behind the ABS shell. All of the hardware (except one or two feet) is riveted into this vitally important metal rim.


  6. All fixings including the catches and handles are fully tested. It is believed that their security is second to none.

  7. Hiscox Cases unique internal padding can be customised, often at minimal cost, so that a vast range of instrument sizes can be made to be properly supported. No other case supplier at Hiscox price point offers this facility.

    Follow this link, to learn more about Hiscox product:


I consider that those cases, built in Canada, are amongst the best cases on the market in terms of toughness, protection, and beauty. They are "custom fit made" which means that they perfectly fit around your guitar. It is the ultimate way for an instrument to travel, because it won't move an inch inside its case.

The hard-shell is fiberglass and it is possible to choose the color of the case amongst a huge amount of choices. It is as a grain of sand in the final result, of course, but we love those kind of detail at Benjamin Paldacci Guitars.


There is nothing better than discovering a fabulous instrument, since the first element: its case. It's also a great clue in regards to its standing.

Warning: Each Main Stage Case is specifically built for one instrument. The beginning of its manufacture will start after the completion of its instrument. 


I love to discover some new brand, to increase the standing of my instruments... and when they are developed by some of my fellow colleagues, it means a lot to me (like my Mark Blanchard Truss rods).

Sam Guidry and his wife, Joyce, launched their brand in 2019. Those high-end covers allow you to grab your guitar on your back, and to keep your precious Main Stage or Hiscox cases, under cover of dirt and scratches. They are made to perfectly fit with cases, I am offering to you. A must to have, quite simply.

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Main Stage #3

Photo Credit: Eddie's Guitars